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The  Aero  Club  of  ISRAEL



The Aero Club of Israel (ACI) is a non-profit organization, which today is the center of aviation sports in Israel. Since 1951 ACI has been the Israeli representative of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), the international body that sanctions 1905 all aviation sports competitions, championships, and records worldwide.


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Chairman of the Board:

Mr. Dan Arazi

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Board members: Roman Kripak, Kobi Itzhakov,Eli yakirevitz,Dror Bar Nir, Alexandra varshavski, Neta Kanfi, Zohar Davidovitz

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General Manager:

Mrs. Dolly Dadon Eizenberg  

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Audit Committee members: 

  Erez  Tal

Historical background

ACI was founded in 1933 under a different name (then it was “The Flying Camel”). Many air force commanders, including Ezer Weizmann, a Past President of the State of Israel, and other prominent aviation figures, had initial training and took their first steps in aviation as members of ACI.


Today, ACI is a confederation of specialized associations, which are active in specific aviation sports fields: Aeromodelling, Hang Gliding, Sky Diving, Paragliding, Light-Sport Aviation (Microlights), Soaring (gliding), and General Aviation. There are approximately 2,800 members, with about one third under 18 as juniors.

Awards in Sports

ACI teams and individual representatives have had remarkable success on the international scene. From 1978 to the beginning of 2020, they have earned more than 104 gold, silver, and bronze medals in World and European championships, Aviation Olympics and various FAI sanctioned national open championships.

Mission Statement

The Aero Club of Israel is a non-for-profit organization, dedicated to:


  • Promote, develop and protect aerial sports in particular among the youth of Israel.


  • Encourage aerial sports activity, organize national competitions, and participate in International events.


  • Contribute to the community by providing, pro bono, services for such purposes as environmental protection, urgent medical transportation etc, and contribute to underprivileged segments of the population by organizing courses in aviation.


  • Promote flight safety.


  • Advocate the cause of flight and sport aviation in national and local legislative and regulatory forums. Preserve and protect the freedom to fly.

Management and Budget

ACI is governed by a Board of Directors, which is composed of representatives of associations, which are ACI members. The Board elects a Chairperson and may nominate prominent outside persons as Board members. A Director-General, assisted as required by officers of associate members, conducts the day-to-day operation. Most activities are performed on a volunteer basis.


In the past, ACI was supported by several government agencies. Today, the outside financial source is the public program for the support of sports by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Many thanks in advance and appreciation for your support

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